We’re happy to help you with any questions or concerns. We’ve collected some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

Who is eligible for a Droppett Account?

Residents in the state of Iowa are eligible to sign up for a Droppett account to redeem containers purchased within the state that have a .05 cent deposit paid.

I signed up for a Droppett account, now what do I do?

After signing up online for a Droppett Account you will receive a Welcome Letter in the mail.  This will include your Membership Card with your Account Number, your initial bag tags and instructions on how to use the Droppett Redemption Center and a copy of the FAQ’s. Once you receive this information you are ready to start using your Droppett Redemption Center.

How do I use the Droppett Redemption Center?

When you are ready to place your bags/boxes of containers in the Droppett redemption center please follow the instructions below:

1.Each bag or box must have a Droppett BAG TAG affixed to it. The bag tag is how we track and identify your containers.

2.  At the Droppett redemption center there are drop doors on the front of the building for placing your bags. Below each door there is a scanner that will read your BAG TAG bar code. When you scan your BAG TAG barcode, the door will unlatch, and you can open it to place your bag/box inside.

3. Scan EACH bag that you place in the unit. (DO NOT scan one bag and hold the door open to place multiple bags/boxes.) This is how we track and identify what bags belong to which customer.

4. When done placing bags in the unit let the door close and you are done.

What do I use my Membership Card for?

Membership cards are your ACCOUNT NUMBER.  We will ask for this number when accessing account information and requesting additional bag tags.  Please DO NOT use your Membership card to open the box doors when dropping off your bags. 

Why am I having trouble logging in at www.droppett.com?

Login at Droppett.com requires a unique username and password that is not the same as your email address and 4-digit PIN.

When you sign up at Droppett.com, your card is registered automatically and you would have created your unique username and password during this signup process.

What do I do if I forgot my username and password?

If you have forgotten your username, please contact Customer Service at 515.265.4275 extension 5. If you have forgotten your password, please use the “Forgot your password?” link at Droppett.com/login.

What do I do if I forgot my PIN?

To change your PIN via the website, log in and go to the My Account page. To change your PIN via telephone, please call 515.265.4275 extension 5 during regular business hours.

What do I do if I lost my Droppett card?

Please call 515.265.4275 extension 5 during regular business hours or send an email to info@Droppett.com.

How do I check my balance?

Once you have registered your card at Droppett.com/signup, you can also view your balance online at Droppett.com/login.

How do I get my funds?

Simply go to www.droppett.com and select the login/sign up tab. From there you can see the funds you have available. Anytime our account reaches a balance of 15.00 or greater, you may make a transfer request. In doing this transfer request you will be moving the funds from your DROPPETT account to your personal checking account. (Transfer may take 24-48 hours not including holidays and weekends.) There is no need for any gift cards or special credit cards. If you choose to donate your funds to one of our partner charities, you can do this no matter how small your balance is.

How much of my deposit do I get back?

You will receive the full .05 cent deposit back for all containers that are classified as redeemable in the State of Iowa bottle bill.

Do I need a bank account?

Yes. You will need a checking account to transfer your DROPPETT funds to.

Do I need a credit card?

No. a credit card is not needed. All you need is a personal checking to transfer your DROPPETT funds to.

Do I get a receipt for my bag or account balance when I drop off my containers?

No. Your bag is automatically logged into our software when you scan the individual bag tag (please do not use your membership card to drop off bags) when doing a drop off. Only after your containers have been picked up and brought back to the processing facility will your account show how much you have redeemed. (Processing of your bags may take up to 10 days depending on current volume, not including holidays and weekends.)

How long will it take until I see my processed bags in my account?

There is a maximum 10 day processing period from the time your bags are picked up from your drop box location to when you receive your funds.  Once your bags are picked up from the drop box location on average it takes 48-72 hours to process your bags and funds to show in your online account.

What kind of bags can I use?

Any type of plastic bag, such as a kitchen size garbage bag or larger, that can be tied off at the top is acceptable. If you have glass bottles, they need to be placed in a securely taped box and the tag placed on top of the box. Please limit the weight of bags and boxes to 20 pounds.

Where/how do I get more bags?

If you choose to use official DROPPETT branded bags, they may be purchased in rolls of 10 for $3.50 or a case of 100 bags for $35.00 by picking them up at 1600 east Euclid Ave, Des Moines Iowa, order ahead by calling 515.265.4275.

Where can I get bag tags?

Droppett tags can be picked up at the office located at 1600 E Euclid Ave. in Des Moines, Iowa Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m. or mailed out to you. For more information, call 515.265.4275 extension 5 . When requesting more bag tags please include: your account number (found on the back of your membership card), how many tags you would like and if mailing, what address you would like them sent to. You can also request bag tags via the website; simply login to your account and select Request Bag Tags from the menu on the right hand side of the page.

Can I print my own bag tags?

No, you cannot print your own bag tags.  Each tag has a unique identifying bar code that is generated by our computer system to track your individual bags.

What hours can I drop off my bags?

Droppett locations are available any time for drop offs, there are no set hours for the Droppett depots.  The only limitation is if the depot locations are full.  If they are, please do not leave bags outside of the depots as we cannot guarantee the safety of your bags.  Please bring the bags back at another time when the trailer is empty.

Is there a limit on how many containers I can put in my bag?

There is a 20-pound weight limit (you can mix plastic and aluminum). Please leave enough room to tie off the top with a good knot. This weight limit has been established for your safety and to prevent tearing of the bags. As a reminder, we ask that you place quantities of glass bottles in a securely taped box and affix the sticker to the top of the box. We do ask you to try and still follow the 20 pound weight limit.

What containers can go in my bag/box?

Any plastic, aluminum, or glass beverage container on which a deposit was paid during purchase (often denoted with a 5¢ insignia) is eligible to be redeemed with Droppett. The container must be redeemed in the same state in which the deposit was paid in order to receive redemption value.

Although you will not receive redemption value, we will recycle any non-eligible containers that make it into your Droppett bag/box so long as they are sturdy plastic, aluminum, or glass beverage containers that resemble those covered by the bottle bill.

To see a full list of eligible containers in Iowa’s bottle bill, please visit www.bottlebill.org

Do you accept crushed cans/plastic bottles?

No, we can’t accept crushed cans and plastic bottles through Droppett.  All containers must be in their original form with a legible barcode.

What about plastic bottle caps?

Yes! We prefer plastic bottles with their caps on. Please be sure the bottles are empty though; we cannot properly process containers that still have liquid in them.